We have published a copy of the Frequently Asked Questions taken from our recent Consultation events:

The contractors will be on site in December 2019/January 2020.  There may be a staged opening in September 2020.  St Michael’s will not be open before September 2020 to view, however prospective parents are welcome to visit one of our other schools to get a feel for the Trust and our culture - embedding Christian values in our curriculum.

The refurbishment will cost in excess of £4 million.  The purchase price is separate to this.

Yes, there will be parking spaces at the front and rear of the school, which will include disabled parking spaces.

This is not currently part of the development but could be considered for the future.

Applications for this new school should be sent to the Learning Academy Partnership, as the admissions authority for all schools within our Trust.  Full details including the address is in our Admissions Policy https://stmichaels-lap.co.uk/about-us/admissions/.  This is only applicable during the first year of opening, after which applications can go through the Local Authority Common Application Form (CAF).

In the first year you should put your second and third choice as the first and second choice on the Common Application Form - do not add St Michael’s as the first choice on this form.  Our Admissions Officer will liaise with the Local Authority about all applications we receive.

Yes, we currently do this in our schools, where possible, and it works exceptionally well for the children.

Our Trust is a family of schools, not individual schools, and they come together throughout the year for events and occasions.  We have our own minibus to get the children to these events.  Being the first cohort gives this class a lot more opportunities, and they will be the first to experience the fantastic state-of-the-art facilities.

We hope to offer these once we are open and will consult with our parents nearer the time, after the placement offers have been made in April.