FAQs from our Open Events

Below is a copy of the Frequently Asked Questions asked at our recent Open Events:

Opening in September 2021:


Yes, there is a  red sweatshirt/cardigan with the school logo, white polo shirt (logo optional) and grey trousers/skirt.  The Trust will provide a free school jumper, polo shirt and book bag to all our children starting in September 2021 as our founding cohort.

The school will be one form entry, with a class of 30 Reception children and 30 Nursery children.   Pupil numbers will increase by one Year Group year-on-year, until we have classes in every Year Group, from nursery through to Year 6.

The building works are going full steam ahead for completion in August 2021 and the school will initially open to Nursery and Reception children only.

We have an excellent model of induction for your children.  We obviously hope that there will be some normality over the Summer term and we will aim to hold our induction meetings.  These potentially will be in other locations (i.e. in the local library if possible) as we will be unable to hold them on the site. We also hope to be able to hold our normal home and pre-school visits and children events to enable us all to meet before the school opens.  This will be kept under review and, if COVID circumstances do not permit we will meet virtually.

We understand the difficulties that phased entry can cause for working parents and also a lot of children find it unsettling. We will of course discuss this with every family and arrangements can be tailored with families depending on the child’s individual needs to ensure the children get the best start possible.

There will be the Head of Academy, Mrs Edwards, and 1 teacher in Reception, plus a Nursery Manager and support staff. There will also be additional support from Trust staff throughout.

The school has to conform to the same regulations and statutory requirements as any other school. There will be a pre-Ofsted inspection prior to opening looking at curriculum, health and safety and the facilities.  There will be regular visits from the Department for Education throughout the first year and then another Ofsted inspection after the first year.

We will work with the local school community and with local secondary schools, as well as working closely with our other Trust schools (i.e. events and sporting tournaments). This will be a special journey and unique experience for our founding children.


Applying for a place:


There is no catchment area; full details in the Admissions Policy which is available on our website.

No, this form is just for the reception places. Nursery applications will open in May 2021 but you can complete an Expression of Interest form in advance to be kept informed and will be sent the application form once the application round opens.


Extended Services:


Breakfast Club: £3.50 per child including breakfast.
After School Club: £9.00 per child.  

A 20% reduction will be given for siblings attending the same session.

We have to maintain staff to pupil ratios but as a new school we will grow as our school capacity grows.


Teaching and Learning:


We have a highly qualified and experienced SEN team across the Trust and a SENCo is allocated to each one of our schools.  The Trust approach enables us to draw on the individual SENCos expertise as required.  We do not differentiate, we adapt our learning so teachers can lead on this in their classes.

Yes, we hold collective worship which includes prayer and bible stories. Children are invited to take part in prayer, and the school can discuss with families if there are any concerns.  We have a diverse RE curriculum which covers all faiths and is very inclusive for those of faith and those of none.  St Michael’s is a school for the whole community.

The school has lots of secure outside space surrounding the school.  The Early Years unit will have a free flow continuous provision so they can access their secure outside area throughout the school day. The aim is to also have other outdoor areas to use, such as Forest School and nature area, as well as the playground areas and an inside gym for Physical Education provision.  We will also make the most of the opportunities outside in the local area.

FAQs from our Open Events