We pride ourselves on having a good and always improving attendance record.

We encourage regular attendance by:

  • Providing a caring and welcoming learning environment and learning that is such fun that children will not want to miss it.
  • Responding promptly to a child’s or parent’s concerns about the academy or other pupils.
  • Marking registers accurately and punctually during morning and afternoon registration.
  • Publishing and displaying attendance statistics.
  • Celebrating good and improved attendance.
  • Monitoring pupils, informing parents/carers in writing of irregular attendance, arranging meetings with them if necessary.

We expect that you will:

  • Always encourage regular school attendance and be aware of your legal responsibilities.
  • Always ensure that your child arrives at the academy punctually and fully prepared for the academy day.
  • Ensure that you contact the academy whenever your child is unwell and unable to attend the academy.
  • Contact the school by 9.15 am on the first day of your child’s absence and telephone every day thereafter unless your child has a doctor’s certificate.
  • Contact us promptly whenever any problem occurs that may keep your child away from the academy.

Failure to attend school

‘Failure to attend school regularly can have a major impact on young people’s education, their future and their life chances’.

We have a comprehensive Attendance and Absence in Term Time Policy. Absences are strongly discouraged. A copy of this policy is available on request at the school office.  Penalty notices may be used as a deterrent to prevent a pattern of unauthorised absences developing.

Absence Request Form