Ofsted rating!

We are so thrilled to announce we have received our official Ofsted report and rating of ‘Good’.

This was our first inspection as a new school and we are beyond proud of the report which gives external validation of what we as a school family already knew; that together we have created a school that supports all our children to grow and flourish.

The firm foundations that we have achieved since opening with EYFS, and over the last 3 years with our Key Stage 1 classes, will now hold us in good stead as we look towards our first Key Stage 2 class in September and with this the opportunity to develop further our curriculum from Nursery to Year 3.

We are all so proud of all the children who, as always, shone brightly throughout the inspection showcasing what a wonderful school community they really are. The report comments on the children’s ‘exemplary’ behaviour and that they are ‘kind, thoughtful and respectful’. Full credit must go to our wonderful children for always being so keen to learn and for the happy, positive engagement in learning we see every day, as well as the strong relationships they have with each other as they play and learn together.

The inspectors recognised the ambitious vision that starts in Reception and Nursery with the strong start in Early Years being commended, including the high quality interactions and close relationships that support the children to be happy and confident as they start school. These relationships continue throughout the school and I am particularly proud that the inspectors talked about St Michael’s being an inclusive school where all staff know all the children well, the inspector commented on the warm relationships that are tangible to see in every interaction.


Ofsted rating!