The most common question asked by parents is “How can I support my child?”. Parents often worry that they might be teaching their child ‘the wrong way’. We believe that any engagement from parents with their child’s learning, adds an incredible amount of value. We have spoken to parents about the best way we can help them support their child’s learning and the most common request was, simple and quick.

Therefore, each month we will be adding short video clips to help parents support their children. We will cover areas such as phonics, spelling, grammar, sentence types, calculation methods and much much more.

We hope that you find this section valuable and please let us know if there are any areas you would find supportive.

Happy learning!

Saying the sounds correctly

When saying sounds it is important to keep them ‘pure’. This video shows how you should pronounce the sounds with your child to help ensure they say them correctly:

Writing rhymes


How to count carefully

Counting carefully is an important skill in Early Years. Watch this video to find out how you can support your child in this and practice some careful counting at home:

Learning to count successfully


Addition using hundreds, tens and units


Get reading. Keep reading. Change everything.

Ruth Miskin has put together a series of videos on their website to help parents teach their child to read.